Author Lamps4makeup / Published: Apr-13-2020

In this article, we will let you in on 5 secrets we learned from our collaboration with 300+ bloggers, and then compare 6 of the most popular types of makeup application lighting in 2020.


Do you know that most beauty bloggers never took makeup courses and are, in fact, self-taught? They also use a wide range of makeup products, both high-end and drugstore, and sometimes they don’t even use professional makeup brushes.

But why does their makeup always look so flawless?

The biggest secret is that every successful blogger has proper lighting for taking photos and videos, as well as for everyday makeup application.

When you have an improper lighting at home, it is very easy to overdo the make-up, and all the flaws and mistakes will be visible in daylight, when you go outside.

That is why ”the perfect make-up” for 90% depends on the correct lighting, and just then on the tools of cosmetics that you use, and make-up school, from which you graduated.

…every girl faced with this problem:

you quietly do the make up in the bathroom, in the hallway or in the bedroom and think what a beautiful makeup how smoothly the tone is put, how beautifully the cheekbones are underlined.

But when you go out on the street and look in the small mirror, it turns out that your “perfect make up” is, frankly speaking, not very nice

– the eyebrows are very dark, there is a mask effect on the face, the concealer is noticeable, there is too much powder.

All the top bloggers and makeup artists talk about the importance of high-quality home lighting

because the right kind of lighting is the key to beautiful makeup. Even the skills/techniques are not as important.


When choosing the best lighting for makeup application, consider using LED bulbs.

The quality and characteristics of LED light bulbs can vary greatly. The right light bulbs give you natural daylight lighting, creating a beautiful diffused light on the face without creating shadows.

The bulbs should not heat up so as not to spoil your makeup. LED light bulbs are also energy-efficient.

Incandescent lamps

(Yellow light)

– Strongly heat (the cosmetics quickly deteriorates from high temperature).

– Distort the color and texture of the face.

– The flicker frequency is more than 100 times per second – in the direct flow of light it can cause excessive fatigue, headache and a bad feeling.

– Incandescent light bulbs come in clear glass, which makes it difficult for the eyes to adjust to the light while applying makeup, tiring them out.

Fluorescent lamps

The worst lighting.

– It get quickly hot and has sharp peaks in the primary colors of the spectrum — what distort colors and shades.

– Imperceptible flickering — bad for the eyesight and nervous system.


It is very important to choose light bulbs with a right color temperature.

Perfect conditions for a make up — a neutral white light close to daylight.

It is used in all professional beauty salons. Color temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvin (K). Neutral light have color temperature 4000-5000K.

Yellow and rose light.

– In this light, all color shades look warmer, and makeup looks softer. HOWEVER, it’s very deceptive!

– It leads to makeup looking heavy and overall bad, due to the light distorting all colors

– and making your makeup look drastically different from how it’s going to look in daylight.

– Warm light have temperature 2700-3500K.


Cool light.

– In general, this type of lighting is not very suitable for use in the home, as it negatively affects our nervous system.

– Cool light also distorts color shades and does not convey the real picture.

– This light is often used in offices and large industrial buildings.

– Cool light have temperature over 5000K


Both sides of the face should be evenly lit.

There should be no extra shadows in the middle of the face, under the eyes or around the nose.

To avoid shadows, you must position yourself in front of the light sources located on either side.

Such lighting will help you create a beautiful, symmetrical look that enhances your natural beauty.


Photos taken with this lighting will turn out much better.

Many girls think that being photogenic has to do with your looks.

I also used to think so, BUT this is a mistake. A great selfie has everything to do with proper lighting.


Professional makeup artists and beauty bloggers believe that the most important life hack to becoming successful is to enjoy what you are doing.

It is very important for girls to feel beautiful. It gives us confidence and puts us in a good mood.

Perhaps, you, too, often have to apply makeup in a hurry, sometimes reapplying it because your winged eyeliner is not perfect or your eyebrows are all over the place.


Do not forget, your makeup can be a pleasant thing to do.

Consider it an opportunity to take time for yourself, realize your ideas, and enjoy the process.

This is the moment when you create your image, the way people see you every day.

And don’t forget to savor the process.

* By the way, when we say makeup, we don’t mean full face makeup.

It could just be a bit of foundation, groomed eyebrows, and a little blush.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer minimum or dramatic makeup.


Fastening panels with lights on the wall


Fastening panels with lights on the wall

+ Light is symmetrical, but

- Light flow direction cannot be adjusted

- Difficult to fix (it is necessary to drill the wall, to invite the master, often to connect the wires by yourself)

- In most cases, they are sold with unsuitable heat lamps of the warm light



The ring lighting

+ It is perfect for photo and video of the finished make-up (professional photographers)

- Mobile

- In a few times more expensive than analogues

- It is inconvenient to do the make-up – it takes a lot of place, the tripod covers the mirror

Wall lamp in bathroom

Wall lamp in bathroom / above the table (the worst variant for doing make-up)

- Yellow warm light – it strongly distorts the colors

- The light falls from one side and creates the harsh shadows

- The bulbs heat up


To do make-up near the window


To do make-up near the window

+ Symmetrical lighting

- You will not be able to do make-up in the morning and in the evening, when it is dark

- The daily harsh light is refracted in such a way that the defects on the skin are visible even stronger than it actually is –

we are trying to cover it with stronger tone and powder, and when we go out, get a result – over powdered face




Dressing room mirrors with built-in lights


Dressing room mirrors with built-in lights

+ Symmetrical lighting

- Light flow direction cannot be adjusted – you cannot direct the light to the desired angle, push aside or closer / farther

- Most often we use the inappropriate light bulbs for the make-up (such as warm light)

- The price of mirrors with built-in lighting is too high and the safe transportation is sometimes more expensive than the mirrors themselves

- The mirror (and the lighting also) is not mobile – it can be painted only in one place




+ They can be used anywhere – on a desk, on the floor, on a window sill

+ It symmetrically illuminates your face from both sides (it does not create the shadows, it is capable of applying evenly make-up)

+ The regulated flow of light – the lamps can be rotated, rearranged, pushed closer / further to direct the light with the desired angle

+ It has LED bulbs that are specially designed for makeup

- You need to buy mirror


Okay, let’s sum things up!

The perfect lighting, necessary for the quality make-up is a LED lamps with neutral daylight, 4000k-5000k, falling symmetrically on both sides.

It is really important for us to feel attractive. It gives us confidence and puts us in a good mood.

So just create your morning and evening rituals. Imagine your beauty corner: a beautiful vanity table or shelf with all your favorite makeup, brushes, and skincare products.

And enjoy this magical process!