Can I buy additional bulbs?2018-10-15T12:30:08+00:00

When ordering a set, You can buy spare bulbs with -62% discount.

Why do we use these bulbs?2018-10-16T06:26:01+00:00

For a long time, we tested bulbs with different parameters (warmth of light, wattage, intensity) and finally found the optimum solution – LAMPS4MAKEUP EXCLUSIVE LED BULB.

Bulbs used in LAMPS4MAKEUP provide the best lighting for makeup (do not cast rough shadows and distort colors, transmit the maximum possible effect of daylight), but without blinding (bulb wattage is carefully selected for each set).

Thanks to the aluminium cover the bulbs do not heat up (Your regular vanity lights may heat and damage cosmetic products sensitive to high temperatures).

What to do if a bulb is blown/broken?2018-09-21T23:50:18+00:00

You can always order bulbs in our online store.

Do I need to change them every year?2018-09-21T23:51:18+00:00

These bulbs do not dim and therefore they do not need to be replaced.

Do the eyes get tired/hurt from the bulbs?2018-10-15T08:35:44+00:00

Thanks to low flicker frequency – these are not excessively exhausting or tiring to Your eyes even after 10 hours of working.

Can I mount a lamp on the wall?2018-10-15T10:28:58+00:00

LAMPS4MAKEUP are versatile – You can use them on any surface without drilling the walls. But some of our customers hang the lamps on the wall on their own initiative.

How lamps work?2018-10-15T12:27:55+00:00

LAMPS4MAKEUP are powered from the line supply of 110-220V (Europlug, C/F type). Lamps can be used anywhere in the World. Racks are interconnected by a 1-meter cable and have one common switch (2 m wire).

For use lamps in USA/UK You only need an adapter. You can buy it from us together with lamps.
With Premium 5+5 and PRO 6+6 sets You will get the adapter for free.

Can I use lamps in USA, UK or other countries?2018-10-15T12:27:18+00:00

For use lamps in USA/UK/Canada etc You only need an adapter. You can buy it from us with lamps.
With Premium 5+5 and PRO 6+6 sets You will get the adapter for free.

Can I buy a set by installments?2018-10-15T08:33:24+00:00

This option is not available. But You are always able to establish a credit for the necessary amount and take a quick loan.

Can I take along LAMPS4MAKEUP?2018-10-15T10:30:03+00:00

Yes, LAMPS4MAKEUP can be taken along easily and conveniently (for example, to work at the clients home, use in another room). The weight of  lamps is only about 2kg.

Where You produce LAMPS4MAKEUP?2018-10-15T10:30:20+00:00

We have manufacture in Europe.

We are producing lighting for makeup by ourselves and do not resell the Chinese products.

The certified professionals assemble a large part of the elements by hand.

What materials are used for the production of lamps?2018-09-21T23:59:21+00:00

We use only the highest quality materials that meet European standards. All materials used are CE marked.

What is the height of the sets?2018-10-15T08:32:06+00:00

LITE 3+3 – 62 cm
BASIC 4+4 – 67 cm
PREMIUM 5+5 – 72 cm
PRO 6+6 – 77 cm

Why do we sell the makeup lighting without mirrors?2018-10-15T12:24:47+00:00

We specialize in high-quality makeup lighting, unlike many analogues that sell mirrors with built-in lighting.

– we wanted to focus on finding the ideal light – the companies designing structures of mirrors with built-in bulbs are often forced to adjust the light to the restrictions imposed by the one-piece construction.

– a great disadvantage of mirrors with built-in lighting is that the stream of light could not be adjusted. You can purchase an oversized mirror for Your workplace – so, the light will unevenly fall on Your face. Or, on the contrary, too small mirrors will blind Your eyes.

At the same time, You will have to buy separately a chair of the right height, because after mounting the mirror, the light can no longer be adjusted.
Our lamps have many advantages in this regard – they are not mounted “for life” and at any moment can be moved aside, closer or further and turned, as well as You can direct the light at the right angle.

– You can take LAMPS4MAKEUP with You – this is the only professional lighting that can be taken along easily and conveniently (for example, to work at the client’s home, use in another room, take along for the ride). Two racks weigh only 2 kg.

The built-in mirrors do not work like that.

– to install a mirror with built-in bulbs You need special mounts, appropriate place (for example, not every wall can be drilled, and if You live in a rental apartment, no wall can be drilled at all), and a specialist who can hang it correctly and reliably.

– the mirrors with built-in bulbs are overpriced and often their transportation and installation cost half of the price of the mirror.

LAMPS4MAKEUP is a universal solution for all premises – it takes 5 min to install the racks, without having to drill a wall or allocating a special place in an apartment – You can place lamps on a table, a window sill, a floor or a bedside table. And at any place, you will have the perfect light.

What are the differences of LAMPS4MAKEUP from all the other analogues?2019-03-25T17:52:46+00:00
Are there any discounts if I want to buy several sets/be a distributor?2018-10-15T08:29:34+00:00

If You want to buy more than three sets for Your own use or become one of our distributors, please contact us by e-mail – info@lamps4makeup.com and we will send You a special offer.

What means „2-year warranty”?2018-10-15T12:23:07+00:00

If something breaks when used correctly, we will replace it free of charge.

Can i return my order?2018-10-15T10:33:37+00:00

You can return LAMPS4MAKEUP within 14 days after its receipt and we will refund Your money paid for the set.

How do we deliver Your order?2018-10-15T12:22:33+00:00

To all EU countries we send  orders using DPD –

  • To all EU countries we send orders using DPD  – the parcel will be delivered by courier to your house.
  • When Your parcel is in place, You will receive SMS/Email  from DPD with tracking code and delivery information.
  • You also will receive email from us “Your order is completed” means we have dispatched Your order.
  • And it takes 1-9 working days to arrive (depends of the destination).

To all non-EU countries we send orders using postage services – 

  • To all non-EU countries we send orders using postage services  – the parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office to Your house (or by courier, it depends of local service).
  • When Your parcel is in place, You will receive SMS/Email  from the postage service.
  • You also will receive email from us “Your order is completed” means we have dispatched Your order.
  • And it takes 5-20 working days to arrive (depends of the destination).
How much is delivery to my country?2018-09-25T14:42:55+00:00

You can see it here

Is it possible to ship my parcel by a parcel machine?2018-09-22T00:08:11+00:00

No, it’s impossible, because our lamps do not fit in it.

Could the lamps be broken while delivering?2018-10-15T08:27:04+00:00

All sets are insured from damage during delivery.

We use durable shockproof boxes, bubble film, sealant, foam plastic, outer layer of paper and pack bulbs in individual boxes, so, Your lamps will be delivered safe and sound.

How fast is delivery?2018-10-15T12:20:08+00:00

European Union countries

Generally it takes 1-9 days after dispatching. We send the lamp using DPD services and delivery depends on Your address.

Other countries

We send orders using postage services. And it takes 5-20 working days to arrive (depends of the destination). click to see

What to do if I urgently need the lamps, as a gift right now?2018-10-15T08:26:13+00:00

Please write us on info@lamps4makeup.com
Also, we offer gift cards which can be sent electronically so that You have a gift in time.

Can I buy a gift card?2018-10-15T08:25:52+00:00

Yes, You can buy a gift card from us. It will be sent electronically and You will be able to print it.

Can I get a bill for a company?2018-10-15T08:25:32+00:00

Of course, You can. When ordering, You have to specify the company name.

How can I pay?2018-10-15T12:17:55+00:00

You can pay with PayPal, Debit or Credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Pocopay. You can also pay by transfer from Your local bank.

How to order?2018-10-15T08:24:58+00:00
1. Choose a set you like (You can always ask our consultant).
2. Fill out Your details and delivery address.
3. Proceed to payment by any means convenient for You.
4. We proceed to producing Your set.
5. When the package is shipped, You will get a confirmation e-mail.
6. When the package is delivered, You will receive an SMS/email notification from shipping company.
Will I have the tracking number? How can I control the order status?2018-10-15T12:16:27+00:00

Yes, every parcel has its own tracking number. We deliver to all EU countries by DPD courier, You will receive tracking information from DPD (sms or e-mail).

You will receive e-mail with “Your order is completed” means we have shipped the lamps to You. And it takes 1-9 working days to arrive (depends of the destination).

If your parcel has not been shipped, You can know the status of Your order by e-mail – info@lamps4makeup.com

To Non-Eu countries, You can always track the parcel and get to know its location on www.omniva.ee/en

You will receive the tracking code on Your e-mail.

What bulbs we use?2018-10-16T06:24:17+00:00

Natural daylight LED bulbs.

The colour temperature is 4000-4500K, 4,5w-5w, 380 lm.

Bulbs are ideally matched to makeup. They are not openly sold.