Premium 5+5 lamps


    Most popular choice for home use.

            Loved by beginners and professionals.  

The best kind of assembly is no assembly

What makes the Premium different?

10 special makeup bulbs

We tested for 2 years to finally create 100% makeup suitable bulb

Versatile build

For any makeup mirror or table. Heightened parameters to provide best quality makeup lighting

Most popular lamps

Our Premium lamps. Loved by countless happy customers with more than 1000 online reviews

Natural light does not switch on command. But, our lamps can.

Apply perfect Makeup all Day, Everyday


Routine or Special? No matter the look you want.

Clear and even daylight will help to accentuate your beauty.

Take premium selfies and photos


You can't take perfect photo without good light.

5+5 Premium created for that.

Perfect your makeup skills


Picking out the right make up light will

completely transform your makeup results.

It will make all the difference. See for yourself.

Enjoy your everyday makeup routine

This is the moment when you create your image,

the way people see you every day.

With proper light you don't have to apply makeup in a hurry.

Lamps4makeup Bulbs ®

First-Ever Makeup Bulbs (scientifically elaborated)

  1. 100% daylight. Correct brightness
  2. Do not flicker on video
  3. Correct color rendition - do not distort the color of cosmetics
  4. No heating = No damage to your cosmetics.
  5. Low flicker frequency = no headaches, not tiring to your eyes

Made in Europe

8 colors for any interior.
Patented design

Create your dream vanity where
  you’d love applying makeup

WHITE/Classic collection

BLACK/Classic collection

GOLD/Special edition

ROSE GOLD/Special edition

SILVER/Special edition

BABY PINK/Special edition

ECO WOOD/Beauty of Nature collection

STONE/Beauty of Nature collection

“The most common mistakes women make when applying makeup are not applying it in the proper light”



Premium 5+5 reviews

over 1000 reviews in Instagram

Product Specs

Dimensions and Tech specs

Premium 5+5 set

  • 2 racks
  • (Width x Length x Height)
  • 8 x 20 x 72 cm
  • 3.1" x 7.9" x 28.3"
  • Weight 2.2 kg (4,8 lbs)


  • Lamps are connected by a common wire – 0,9 m / 35,4 inch
  • 1 common switch 2 m / 78 inch
  • Additionally You can select 1,5 m / 59 inch wire between lamps or 2 separate switches – from each rack

Bulbs specs

We use own Lamps4makeup Bulbs.

First and only Bulbs in world specially designed and created for makeup.


Lamps4makeup Bulbs –

  • Corresponds to regular daylight
  • Bulbs do not flicker on photo and video.
  • 9 times more economical compared to regular bulbs.
  • Do not cast rough shadows and distort colors, transmit the maximum possible effect of daylight.
  • Thanks to the aluminium cover the bulbs do not heat up.
  • Does not contain mercury, it’s derivatives or other poisonous, harmful or dangerous materials or substances.
  • Light Appearance: 4500K color temperature. 4,5w-5w, 380 lm.
  • Low flicker frequency – bulbs are not excessively exhausting or tiring to your eyes even after 10 hours of working (specifically important for makeup artists and hairdressers).
  • Do not cause headaches.

Materials & Certifications

Lamps4makeup are designed and produced in Europe.


  • We use only the highest quality materials that meet European Union standards.
  • All our materials are Eco–friendly, safe for health and CE marked.  
  • Each set is subject to a two-stage testing.
  • We assemble, check and pack your lamps by hand and with love.


Lamps4makeup have Patented design.

Country of origin

Lamps4makeup is the only makeup lighting designed and produced in Europe.

We have own manufacture in Europe.

The certified professionals assemble a large part of the elements by hand.


We have Worldwide delivery. All parcels are 100% insured from damage during delivery.

  • You will receive tracking number
  • Courier delivery to your door.
  • We will text you before delivery.
  • You can always change delivery time or day online.

EU countries – delivery via DPD takes 1–6 working days.

non-EU countries – delivery via TNT takes 2–7 working days.


  • 30–Day Trial – Love it or return it during 30 days.  

Once you start doing your makeup under the ideal brightness of our makeup lights for mirror,

we know you won’t be able to go back to the ordinary.

And if you don’t become a believer in 30 days, we will take the product back. No questions asked. That’s a promise.


  • 5-year full warranty

We have own manufacture in EU and produce makeup lighting by ourselves.

We have complete faith in our product.

Love it or return it

Your 30-Day Trial

100% insured delivery from 2 days

5-year full warranty

Frequently asked questions  

Will Premium 5+5 lamps suit me?

It's our most popular set for home use. Ideal for both – beginners and makeup lovers.

Premium 5+5 will be great if you –

  • apply makeup often – almost every day
  • love to take selfies
  • you are not a make-up artist, but want to perfect your makeup skills and look beautiful every day
  • new to makeup

Too much light can never be bad, while too little light can become a poignant disaster.

Still not sure what set is best for you? Talk to a beauty specialist to answer any of your questions.

Facebook / Instagram @Lamps4makeup


How Lamps4makeup work?

Lamps4makeup is a universal solution for all premises – it takes 5 min to install the lamps, without having to drill a wall or allocating a special place in an apartment

You can place lamps on a table, a window sill, a floor or a bedside table. And at any place, you will have the perfect light.

  • Lamps4makeup can be taken along easily and conveniently (for example, to work at the clients home, use in another room
  • Powered from the line supply of 110-220V (Europlug, C/F type).
  • Lamps can be used anywhere in the World. For use lamps in USA/UK You only need an adapter. You can buy it from us together with lamps.
  • Free UK / USA adapter with Premium 5+5 and PRO 6+6 sets.
  • Lamps are connected by a common wire – 0,9 m / 35,4 inch.
  • 1 common switch 2 m / 78 inch (Additionally You can select 1,5 m / 59 inch wire between lamps or 2 separate switches).

What does applying makeup with Premium 5+5 feel like?

The best way to try doing makeup under the right light of Premium 5+5 lamps is to take advantage of our 30-day trial.

Premium 5+5 lamps evenly lights your face with the natural daylight of the LED makeup bulbs – it's ideal lighting for high-quality makeup.

We have calculated the ideal distance between the lights, the height of the racks, power and temperature of the light.

The optimal light intensity does not fatigue your eyes or create excessive shadows.

All Lamps4makeup have regulated flow of light – the lamps can be rotated, rearranged, pushed closer / further to direct the light with the desired angle.

What’s included?


  • Premium 5+5 set (2 racks)

  • 10 high–quality LED bulbs (produced specially for makeup)

  • Free UK or USA adapter

  • Box (for carrying lamps)

  • 5-year full warranty



Looking for something brighter?

PRO 6+6

  For people who see the value in investing in their beauty.

Apply makeup as professionals do!